Dependable and secure solution of shatin self storage

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With space being at Premium today, a growing number of people are turning to self storage units for their storage needs. Whether the storage is necessary for a short-term period or long term, whether for storing only a couple things or for RV storage, whether climate controlled self storage is the need of the hour or only ordinary storage units would do self storage units provide you all these amenities. What is more, even some of them provide added fee-based services such as packaging and moving; in the event of car storage or vessel storage that this may extend to gas station amenities, wash bays, routine maintenance and repairs of the vehicles, and even transport of ships to and fro to the selected water body.

Shatin Self Storage

What is a Self Storage Unit?

Self storage units are also called mini storage or mini warehouse. These are rentable enclosed spaces which are called units, rooms, or lockers. Unlike a normal warehouse, these units are secured by the tenant and the facilities team has no access. The management does not take any responsibility for the items saved; and for this the tenants have to purchase insurance on their own. Normally, they are windowless units with corrugated metal walls. The biggest advantage of mini storage units along with other storage methods is the easy accessibility. As the tenant is only key holder, they can get the facilities any time they want. Shatin Self Storage allows the tenant the flexibility to rotate the saved items. Some facilities make it possible for renters to drive all of the way up into the unit.

Most facilities are Fitted with individual door alarms, fire and smoke alarms, CCTVs, and inside unit lighting. The better facilities are manned 24×7, have perimeter fencing or concrete walls, industrial level security lighting, and special recessed padlocks which are virtually impossible to pick. Some centers insist that all visitors sign in and sign out; non customers need to be accompanied by staff members. In places with extreme Weather conditions, such units are a blessing for expensive products. Climate controlled units provide protect ion from mould, mold, dust mites, and fungi. These are best for wooden furniture storage, heirlooms, antiques, important papers, art, expensive clothes, electronics and lots of others.

Advantages of self storage unit

  • Store items that either are infrequently used or have future use, such as camping gear, baby furniture.
  • De-clutter and arrange office or homes.
  • Seasonal storage like boat storage for the winters.
  • Going out of the country for a protracted time period.
  • Store things while moving cities especially once you do not have an address in the new location as yet.
  • Temporarily shifting into a smaller place.
  • Legal requirement to store or archive items for a specified period.
  • Safe parking for expensive and massive vehicles.