Tips for Finding Creative Singapore Art Jamming Ideas

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You got your artwork Images and prints to hang on the wall, but you are not certain how you can exhibit them. Read this guide on ways to group and gain some suggestions your artwork in six ways that are interesting.

Top or Bottom Alignment

If you want to organize your pictures on the wall in a line that is horizontal, you can align them along borders or their edges. Draw on an imaginary line to use as reference. If you have four images that you need to hang on the wall with alignment, hang the pictures on the wall with the bottom edges flush with the line. Alignment is similar except the tops of these images are flush with the line that is imaginary.

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Blend of Bottom and Top Alignment

You can have a mix of Top and bottom alignment. Let us say you have got eight or seven images grouped together, you can organize them with four images in each row. Organize the row of images to have the bottom row of images and border alignment to possess edge alignment. The art jamming singapore outcome with this sort of arrangement is something which looks orderly and neat, but with variety and variation.

Corner Alignment

Establish a square or rectangular area on the wall where your pictures will hang. Hang four of the images at the corners, making certain that they line up with the corners of the place on the wall. Use images. In this way, you will wind up getting a group of pictures that comes with an attractive mix of dimensions, yet it organized and does not spill from the place that was specific.


Go with an arrangement! This kind of arrangement lets you display images of size and shape. But do not overdo it or it might turn out to be messy. Add some equilibrium by aligning the bottoms of some images or centering some images.